Looking toward Mother’s Day 2018

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is this Sunday May 13, 2018! This weekend you have an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful gift of motherhood. My advice, celebrate it in a way that she will enjoy and appreciate. Ask her what she wants to do. If you have kids in the home, include them in the planning for Mother’s Day. Ask your children how they want to celebrate Mom and then help show her how much she means to them. Mother’s Day is a good reminder that we need to thank and celebrate the many ways that Mom makes a difference in our lives.

Though Mother’s Day is special for many, it can be especially difficult for others. As you celebrate this weekend be sensitive to the women around you who will be grieving over the loss of a child, an abortion, or an empty womb.

These holidays are special and worth celebrating, but not without understanding to our sisters who have heavy hearts. Take time to pray for them, reach out to them, and let them know that you care about them.

If you are struggling this year with Mother’s Day you are not alone. God is with you. He understands your struggle and He has promised to be with you to the end of all days. There is hope and joy to be found in Christ. You can bring your cares and your weightiest concerns to the Lord and He will gladly take them. Trust in the love and grace of God as seen in Christ, and don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you can trust and let them know your struggle.

Happy Mother’s Day and God Bless,


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