When a church grows…

We compared 2017 and 2018 statistics in our staff meeting this past week. We have seen a significant increase in baptisms, new members, and attendance in 2018 compared to 2017.

We have also noticed that as growth becomes our new normal there are new, but healthy, tensions to lead the church through. I was writing a few thought related to those tensions on Twitter & Facebook this morning and decided to post them as a group here as well.

Thoughts on growth:
When a church grows it requires patience and commitment on the part of both leaders and members. More people means new personalities, new spiritual gifts to incorporate, new passions, new hurts, new fears, new strengths, & new weaknesses.

Growth requires more leaders, it demands more pastoral care, it necessitates shifts and changes for the purpose of continued spiritual growth and ministry growth.

Growth pushes the boundaries of facilities, programs, staff, plans, emotions, intentions, and maturity.

Growth is what we are aiming for and praying for in our churches. We want our people to grow spiritually… and that leads to change. We want to see more people saved and discipled… and that leads to change.

As the church grows cling to the truth of the Gospel…As the church grows hold fast to the faith, stay true to biblical convictions, and stay focused on the mission and ministry of the church as seen in Scripture.

But as the church grows, open your heart and life up to new relationships. Reach out to people you don’t know.Make room on the pew and make room in your class. Reach out to people you don’t know whether they are new or not.

As the church grows larger the more important that smaller groups like SS classes and ministries become.

Harrisburg Baptist Church is growing and it’s exciting!

Our growth is also stretching us in the process. I am grateful for what the Lord is doing in our midst, and I am praying for us as it continues.

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