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Every day I get emails, postcards, newsletters, and magazines touting the latest trends and success stories in the world of ministry. In this pastor world of statistics and suggestions, this blog  seeks to provide encouragement and insight to the Biblical call to shepherd the people of God. The goal is to help you be faithful and fruitful, which means you may never be popular. I am aware that creating a site and a podcast for others to interact with seems counter-productive to the message.

This blog and podcast is a part of my personal effort to stay focused on shepherding the congregation where I am a pastor. I welcome your thoughts, insights, and experiences here. This is not just my spot on the web to insert my voice, it is a place for you to join in, learn, and contribute to the encouragement of other leaders who week in and week out preach, pray, counsel, visit, and minister to the local church.

By His Grace,

Rob Armstrong, Sr. Pastor 

Harrisburg Baptist Church in Tupelo, MS


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Rob Armstrong

Husband to Jill. Dad to Hannah, Eden, & Sarah. Pastor of Harrisburg Baptist Church in Tupelo, MS

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We compared 2017 and 2018 statistics in our staff meeting this past week. We have seen a significant increase in baptisms, new members, and attendance in 2018 compared to 2017. We have also noticed that as growth becomes our new normal there are new, but healthy, tensions to lead the church through. I was writing… Read More

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Don’t forget Mother’s Day is this Sunday May 13, 2018! This weekend you have an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful gift of motherhood. My advice, celebrate it in a way that she will enjoy and appreciate. Ask her what she wants to do. If you have kids in the home, include them in the planning… Read More

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I’m 40 years old and I can’t recall a time in my ministry without the grandstanding, name calling, and general divisiveness that regularly precedes the annual convention in each June. I, like most of the guys my age, am tired of it. I have never know the convention without the constant undercurrent of competition rather… Read More

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"What you heard from in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." 2 Timothy 2:2