The aftermath of the #SBC2023 is why Harrisburg added an appendix to the BF&M before the June meeting.

In the days after the SBC there are many speculating about what happens next and how far some of these decisions will reach. Some are saying it means that women can’t be ministers, others are wondering if they can be missionaries, and even others are worried they can’t serve as chaplains. It’s my experience that… Read More

Day 1 of the 2023 Southern Baptist Convention Meeting, Part 1 Today we begin day 1 of the SBC Annual Meeting. The last two days have been filled with one of my favorite parts of the week, the Pastors Conference. Yesterday was filled with connecting with old friends, incredible worship, and solid preaching. Last night… Read More

Say it slow

More and more I think the sentiment Jackie Hill Perry shares here is spot on. (See pic) This post is mostly for my pastor friends, but it’s applicable across the board. If you’re posting to social media before you have said it to someone in person take a break… reconnect with real people and see… Read More