Somber and sober this morning at the #SBC2023

This morning the messengers of the SBC Annual meeting voted to uphold the decisions to disfellowship three churches. 

I am thankful for the encouragement of our President, Bart Barber. Before the announcement, he reminded us that we don’t celebrate divorce when it happens, and we don’t need to celebrate the decisions if they are upheld. 

The room was quiet and somber as the results were announced. We did not celebrate what happened. Instead, we know the weight of removing a church from friendly cooperation. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t believers, but it does mean they are no longer a part of us. 

The votes to uphold the decision are l disfellowship were: Fern Creek 91% to uphold vs 7% to reverse

Freedom Church 96.46% to uphold vs 3.31% to reverse 

Saddleback 88.46%  to uphold vs 11.36% to reverse

For all those who worry year after year about the liberal and progressive slide of the SBC, once again we see that the churches who make up the convention are unified on the authority of Scripture and the centrality of Christ to His church and His mission. 

If we have learned anything this year, it’s that the SBC is a lot like the church… a lot of noise doesn’t equal a lot of support or people. Once again the quiet majority demonstrates the overwhelming commitment we have to the truth in our faith and practice.

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