COVID Impact, Religion Research, & Running

Today I read a few different articles I thought were worth sharing:

Articles like this one from the NYTimes lead me to believe the impact of COVID is broader and deeper than it feels right now. Habits are changing, businesses are struggling, people are moving, and it’s impacting what life will be like in the next few years. And, as Christians we must make sure that our callings to gather for worship, share the gospel, and serve others stay prioritized and consistent.

Research like the information in the link below reveals we must clearly communicate the truth of that gospel over and over again. If we assume that people understand it, it will only take a couple of generations before we lose it.

I’ve gotten back into running over the last 5 months… I’m not very fast, but I’m working on it. If you’re into running here’s a good article with some different ways to get faster and stronger.

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