Praying for Leaders vs Praising Leaders

It’s true that God is sovereign over the rulers of nations, but it’s not true that He is only sovereign over one nation. We are told in a scripture to pray for our leaders, we are told to obey those whom God has put over us until it compromises the Gospel. This command is for every Christian, in every time of history, in every country on the planet. I’m afraid we have lost sight of the universal truth of Scripture, and when we do that we lose sight of its application in our present context.

God does not call us to view our political leaders as the Messiah to our nation. In fact, that idea is foreign to Scripture. It is right to celebrate all the ways that God uses fallen men to lead and serve His purposes, but the focus of your celebration is the goodness of God, not the men.

The hope for a person in America is the same as the hope for a person in India- the only hope for any person in the world is Jesus Christ.

What good is it to have influence, gain political power, achieve economic success, and fulfill your dreams if you still lose your soul?

Christians should never be found talking about political leaders or any other influential person with the same language we are told to reserve for God.

Your words are a way of worship. We are not told to praise our leaders, we are told to pray for them. It is true that God has appointed our president for this time, and it is also true that God has appointed every other president for the time that he served. Pray for our president, I do, and I will continue to do so… just like I have for every president since I became convicted of the command in high school.

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