Weekend Reading 9.20.19

With your down time this weekend check out these posts on Christian living, Pro-life, parenting, & Hurricane Dorian.

Christian Life

“Joyful Christians are not nitpickers. They’re not looking for reasons to be offended. They aren’t hypercritical. They are known for grace.” Trevin Wax

Full article is here: https://t.co/l5s7eEw6rh

Pro-Life & Adoption

Why adoption is a redemptive pro-life option | ERLC


Hurricane Dorian

As of September 15, over 2,000 evacuees are now receiving medical care, food, and water from 16 different Bahamian shelters. For a more detailed update on BGR’s involvement and more specific ways to intercede on behalf of this hurting community, go to: https://gobgr.org/news/dorian-update-september-20-2019/


“Sometimes we punish our children harshly simply because they struggle with the things that we hate most about ourselves.”

Full article: https://t.co/oWoBJMMAhv

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