Good Quotes on God’s Call from “Am I Called?” by Dave Harvey

If you haven’t read this book I highly recommend it. Even the most seasoned pastor can benefit from being reminded of what God has called us to do, and who He has called us to be in Christ! We keep a stack of these in our offices to give to men who feel like God is calling them pastor.

“The call to ministry is about God’s character and activity, about his mercy and love, and ultimately about his provision to those for whom he died.” p. 34

“Our call to ministry, just like our call to salvation, ultimately says little about us and a great deal about the Caller.” p. 35

“When we have a grip on the gospel, grace turns our eyes away from our fears and weaknesses and places them on God.” p. 42

“God designs gospel ministry in a manner that diminishes us and exalts him.”

“It takes both a man’s message and his example to mature a church.” p. 85

John MacArthur “Whatever the leaders are, the people will become.” p. 85

“Church leadership in the NT was a shared endeavor…It’s known as team ministry” p. 141

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