I am a Christian, husband to Jill, father of three girls, and the pastor of New Union Baptist Church in Dayton, TN.

I have served in churches for close to 20 years in roles ranging from intern, youth & college pastor, and sr. pastor. My experiences in ministry have been in the traditional and established church. Through my experiences and relationships I have developed a burden for pastors and their ministries in the established church. This blog and the content that is produced here is the result of that burden.

I serve weekly with numerous committees, a large body of Deacons, and multiple staff leaders that were brought in under a previous sr. pastor. (The previous sr. pastor is still on staff and leading in various ministries) I preach in a sanctuary with orange carpet, it is East TN! #GOVOLS!

I regularly hear the words “We haven’t done it that way before,” I am consistently reminded that other pastors did things different than I do them, and at the beginning and end of the day I love my church. A long time ago a friend reminded me that Jesus is married to His church, and we as pastors are called to help present her unblemished and faithful to Him at His return.

Since 2012 New Union Baptist Church has experienced both kingdom and numerical growth. During that time we have continued to be multi-generational and united. New Union proves that cool buildings, awesome sound systems, fancy lights, and 15 minute sermons are not the way to grow the church. None of our staff can fit in “skinny” jeans, and none of us would publicly admit it if we wanted to. (Though I am working on losing weight right now!) I wish we had cool buildings. I think a better sound and video system would be nice. Fancy lights are cool; and if the Lord provided all of these things, I think we would use them all well! Skinny jeans are out though, I wore “husky” sized ones as a child.

I don’t have this all figured out, and don’t claim to be an expert in all things “ministry.” I simply desire to see our church move forward in its accomplishment of God’s mission as we grow to love Him more while selflessly loving our neighbors. My hope is that this site will be a help in your effort to be both faithful and fruitful in your calling as well.

By His Grace,