Perspectives on Christianity, Character, & Next Tuesday’s Election

One of the most difficult conversations to have right now is the issue of character in a candidate versus the platform of his or her party. This struggle has brought to mind questions for Christians who disagree with how to vote and who to vote for in this years election. Questions like:

1. What do you do when you are disappointed in the character of the candidate who espouses the platform you think is best?

2. How should Christians think through the candidates and their party agenda’s?

3. What do we do as Christians or even church members when we want the same things and believe the same things, but vote different ways?

Below are links to various articles written by godly men. It’s important that you recognize that the men who wrote these articles have impeccable character. They are strong and gracious men who have been faithful to Christ, their brides, and their children. These are men worthy of emulating. And yet, they don’t come to the same conclusion.

I haven’t included any articles that promote voting for Joe Biden and the platform he represents. And yes, it is related to the issue of abortion, but it’s also more than that. But, the most pressing reason is the admitted desire to expand abortion. While I agree that there are things we can do to help those contemplating an abortion, I don’t believe that abortion should be an option, regardless of circumstances. And… I haven’t included these men because I think that the Republican Party has all the answers, the only one with all the answers that matter in the end is Jesus. Apart from total faithfulness to God and His Word everything else falls short. But, I think the perspectives shared here are each worth reading. I think they can be helpful, even if you disagree.

Before you react and make statements about them, you should read and understand why they come to their conclusions. It is simply shallow and in poor taste to disagree with someone unless you actually understand their position.

Taking time to understand someone’s position is the only way you can know you truly disagree. Taking time to understand isn’t the same thing as agreeing, and it’s not a waste of time… it’s just respectful. And respect is something God tells us to give to one another, and yet we keep making each other earn it in ways that cause us to forfeit our own.

About the articles and authors:

I deeply respect each of these men, and in some way, I resonate with each of them. In large part I resonate with them because of the unity we have in Christ. I am grateful for the respect they give to conscience. As a Christian, Baptist, and American I believe the issue of the liberty of conscience is essential. Here are a few quotes worth writing down:

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.” – James Madison, essay on Property

“Every man must give an account of himself to God, and therefore every man ought to be at liberty to serve God in that way that he can best reconcile to his conscience . . . . It would be sinful for a man to surrender that to man which is to be kept sacred for God.” -John Leland, The Rights of the Conscience Inalienable

“While we are contending for our own liberty, we should be very cautious not to violate the conscience of others, ever considering that God alone is the judge of the hearts of men, and to Him only in this case are they answerable.” – George Washington, Letter to Benedict Arnold

1. Al Mohler on the Election

2. John Piper’s thoughts on the election

3. Wayne Grudem in response to John Piper

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