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Trusting & Following God With Your Future (Part One)


One of the most overwhelming aspects of life for us is our future. The sermon at New Union on 3/5/17 examined Scripture to help us to trust and follow God with our future. Click here to watch or listen to the sermon online. In the message, we identified three was we struggle to trust and follow God with our future and identified three words to help us focus on following God forward by faith in Christ.

Three Ways We Struggle To Trust & Follow God With Our Future

  1. We struggle to trust and follow God with our future because of our past.

There are different ways that the past can be an obstacle to trusting God with the future. Some who are reading this have had tragic or painful experiences that are the result of another person’s actions or words against them. For others, the past holds an experience, disease, or accident that haunts them. Different from these, but just as challenging is the memory and struggle of past sins and failures. So many who want to trust God are hindered because they can’t see God forgiving them for the wrongs they have committed.

  1. We struggle to trust and follow God with our future because of our present.

When the present moment is overwhelming, it is hard to imagine a future that is any better. As a result, the current difficulties can become a stumbling block to trusting God with the future if you fear that the future is simply more of the same. Or, you may not want to trust the Lord with your future because the present moment is good, and you are afraid that if you trust and follow God, you will lose the good things you have right now.

  1. We struggle to trust and follow God with our future because we don’t know where we will end up.

If the past and the present are not a hindrance to trusting God, often the fear of the unknown is enough to stop you from trusting and following God with your future. But, God doesn’t promise to tell us each place he will take us on our journey of faith. He does promise to be with us, and that He will be faithful to keep His promise of an eternal life with Him. Like God called Abraham to follow Him to a land that He would show Him later, God calls us to trust Him and follow Him by faith moving forward to what lies ahead.

Take some time and read through Philippians 3, focus on verses 12-14 and write down how God leads you to respond to His Word.

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