5 Steps To Spiritual Maturity

In a previous post, we identified 5 Marks of Spiritual Immaturity. In this post we look at steps, you can take to grow and mature in your faith as a Christian.

5 Steps To Spiritual Maturity

1. Submitting your life to God’s Word.

Paul clarifies that the work of the preachers and leaders of the church is plant and water with the Word of God. As the Christian and the church is watered through consistent and faithful teaching, God causes growth.

In the same way the consistent reading and studying of Scripture in your personal life yields growth through the power of God and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Have you surrendered to follow God through obedience and faithfulness to His Word?

2. Pursuing unity in the Gospel message and through ministry instead of being jealous or causing strife.

Christians grow in community with one another, not alone. To grow in your faith, you should take the step to commit yourself to the Lord and His church. The church is the community of faith, the family of God, where we study, encourage, admonish, and care for one another. Too often the church has men and women who divide the church through the pursuit of their own goals and opinions. Selfishness will never result in spiritual growth, so commit to pursuing unity in the Gospel and not in personal preferences or opinions.

When you worship and serve the Lord with others you will you grow in your faith. Are you committed to God and His church over your opinions and preferences?

3. Depend on God by living in obedience to His Word instead of the wisdom of the world

Christians grow and mature over time through obedience. As you obey the Lord in your life, God builds a history of His faithfulness to you. This history of His faithfulness to you aids in your confidence and trust in Him. Trust God and choose to live according to His ways even when the world views your faith as foolish. The more you do this, the more mature you become in your faith.

4. Living according to the Spirit of God instead of the passions of the flesh

This follows the last point. Your fleshly desires and the sinfulness of your heart will pull and struggle against the Lord’s will. Listen to the Holy Spirit, follow God’s Word, and be faithful to the one who saved you. Christians are led by God’s Spirit, and He makes God’s Word clear and understandable so that we can live according to it and not the ways of the world.

5. Focusing on Christ and His inheritance and not glorying in personalities

Instead of idolizing mere men, worship Christ with your life. Look forward to the eternal reward that awaits those who have faith in Christ. Jesus will never let you down, more than that He will never leave you or forsake you. When facing opportunities to choose the ways of the world, be inspired or motivated by your heavenly reward and choose the way of Christ.

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