Reading the Bible in the New Year Part Two: Four Things To Do When You Read The Bible

In the previous post we examined 2 Timothy 3:16 and identified four reasons to read the Bible this year. In fact, these are four reasons to read the Bible any day, month, or year. Click here to read Part One: Four Reasons To Read The Bible This Year.

4 Things To Do When You Read The Bible This Year

  1. Highlight

Highlight or underline the verse that jumps out at you as read through a passage. Sometimes it is not a verse, but a passage of verses that jump out at you, especially if you are reading a historical section of scripture like the Gospels or some of the Old Testament books of Genesis or Exodus.

  1. Explain (or Examine)

After reading through a passage, and highlighting a verse or section, write down what the verse means in your words. Think regarding how you would explain it to someone else. Ask questions of the text like:

–   Who is in this passage?

–   What is happening in this passage?

–   Why is this being said or done in this passage?

–   When in the passage or in real time is it?

–   Where did this happen?

–   How? (What was involved in this being done or said? Or, how did God use this to make Himself known or point to Christ?)

–   How does this relate to Jesus? There is one central message of the Bible, and the whole of what God is doing is fulfilled in Jesus. It is important to make sure that your reading of the Bible is always centered on Christ and the fulfillment of God’s promises through Him.

  1. Apply

Life application is the part of the process most people want to get to first. But, to make sure that it is used correctly it is necessary to do the work of explaining and examining it first.

At this point take a few minutes and look at what you have written down after examining the passage. Consider your life, your present situations, even the circumstances that you are anticipating. Think about your relationships, your commitments, your job, and your habits. Then, write down ways you can implement the truth you have discovered or the example you have seen, into your life from this point forward.

  1. Respond

Pray to God about how you need to apply this passage to your life. Pray for help, strength, and the grace to do what His Word says.

Important: As you read through Scripture, remember that because it is from God, you should come to it with humility, trusting by faith in its truth, and with expecting to hear from the Lord.

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