Church Elders by Jeremie Rinne

I recently finished reading the Church Elders by Jeremie Rinne. His book is part of the 9Marks series published by Crossway.

This is a book about what being an elder/pastor is about, not a defense of having church elders. Anyone currently serving in an elder/pastor role or who feels called should grab this little book and read through it. In the book he clearly explains the qualifications of an elder/pastor, outlines the responsibilities of an elder/pastor, and conveys the eternal significance of the work of an elder/pastor.

Being an elder/pastor requires more than loving Jesus and liking to teach. God calls and equips men to shepherd His flock through prayer, preaching, teaching, care, and humble service. Rinne assumes  you want to read the book, but candidly acknowledges the biblical picture of an elder/pastor can be overwhelming and unsettling. His own admission of missing the point of pastoring at the beginning of the book provides a helpful step for others who learn for the first time the biblical outline of an elder/pastor.

Below is a brief outline of the content of the book. Buy it, read it, share it, agree with it!

An Elder/Pastor Must Meet The Qualifications Of Scripture:

  1. You Want To Be An Elder
  2. You Exemplify Godly Character
  3. You Can Teach The Bible
  4. You Lead Your Family Well
  5. You Are Male
  6. You Are An Established Believer

The Responsibilities Of An Elder/Pastor:

  1. Smell Like Sheep
  2. Serve Up The Word
  3. Track Down The Strays
  4. Lead Without Lording
  5. Shepherd Together
  6. Model Maturity
  7. Plead For The Flock

The Eternal Weight Of Shepherding:

  1. Shepherd Well Because There Is An Account To Be Given (Heb 13:17)
  2. Shepherd Well Because There Is A Crown To Be Gained. (1 Peter 5:4)

The wording in the above outlines is quoted directly from the book. You can buy it here 

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